Dan Solin

A Passionate Advocate for Main Street Americans

Hi, I’m Dan. I’m thrilled you’re here and interested in Wealthier: The Investing Field Guide for Millennials.

Allow me to introduce myself and share a glimpse of the journey that led to this transformative book.

Dan Solin standing by a window.

The Underdog’s Ally

For over two decades, I’ve empowered everyday Americans to lead better, more financially secure lives. I’m not your typical financial expert or author. I’ve walked a different path – a reformed lawyer and a former financial advisor. I don’t shy away from confronting the powers that be when they harm the people they’re supposed to serve.

My passion lies in helping the underdog, the individuals who may not have easy access to complex financial research and who deserve a fair chance at financial success. I’ve made it my life’s work to break down intricate financial concepts into plain, understandable advice that anyone can implement.

Speaking Truth to Power

I stand firmly on objectivity and truth in a world filled with financial agendas and hidden interests. I have no hidden agenda or ulterior motive except to provide you with the most transparent and objective advice that my extensive research uncovers.

Your Unbiased Financial Companion

I don’t answer to any corporate entity or vested interest. My only allegiance is to my readers. I’ll equip you with the knowledge and tools to make informed financial decisions that align with your best interests.

Life In Bonita Springs

Beyond my passion for finance and advocacy, I’m privileged to call Bonita Springs, Florida, my home. Here, I share my life with my wonderful wife, Patricia, who is a talented artist and my pillar of support. I owe a significant part of my journey, including the creation of Wealthier: The Investing Field Guide for Millennials, to her unwavering encouragement and love.

So, that’s a bit about me – Dan Solin, a devoted advocate for Main Street Americans, a champion for the underdog, and an unyielding advocate for truth and objectivity in finance.

Dan and Patricia Solin
Dan with his wife Patricia, a talented artist, and his unwavering support.